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Gym Aesthetics Avatars

Our First Mint

Unique, hand-crafted, and playable Fitness Metaverse Avatars are coming to The Sandbox.

The avatars are an NFT collection comprised of 2,000 programatically generated Gym Aesthetics avatars.

Each avatar is completely unique, hand crafted from over 97 traits by the expert team at OliveX Fitness Metaverse.

GA is one of the first fitness brands to launch a range of NFTs and one of the founding members of the Fitness Metaverse.

The Fitness Metaverse

These playable avatars will be ready to use within The Sandbox as well as our fitness metaverse.

The Fitness Metaverse enables real-world fitness experiences and brands to merge with the digital universe in order to engage consumers with brands, influencers, and coaches.

The Fitness Metaverse has a strong portfolio of global health, fitness and wellbeing companies and brands ready to launch and shift the dial on health inequalities and physical activity levels.

The GA Squad

A set of fit, active and strong avatars the 5 Gym Aesthetics Squad will be playable characters within The Sandbox fitness metaverse.

Mint Details

Only 2,000 available!


20th June - OG mint - 6am - 8am UTC
20th June - WL mint - 8:30am - 12:30pm UTC
20th June - Public - 1pm - 7pm UTC
24th June - Reveal


8500 DOSE and you will need the mint pass

How Many Can I Mint

OGs and Whitelisted members can mint up to 4 NFTs during the presales.

During the Public Sale, all members can mint up to 3 NFTs per wallet.

OGs and Whitelisted members can also participate in the public sale.

The White List has ended, if you missed out, do not worry, you can buy them on Opensea.

The mint pass does not guarantee an NFT Avatar purchase, there will be a limited amount of 2,000 available.

Special Characters

A set of unique and special characters which have been custom designed by the team will also be available for each character. Will you be lucky enough to own one of these playable Sandbox characters?

Group of special avatar characters



  • Social channels live
  • Marketing & Promo events
  • Whitelist events enabled
  • Cross-promotion within animoca stable of brands


  • Primary Gym Aesthetics collection will be available on secondary market (Open Sea) for trading
  • Full breadth of squad revealed


  • Exclusive OliveX & Gym Aesthetics NFT holder benefits
  • Early access to gym wear and merchandise (physical & virtual)
  • Access to the OliveX music festival in The Sandbox
  • Access to future OliveX NFT’s
  • Exclusive access to the fitness metaverse for fitness enthusiasts

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